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$451,780 Money Trail Found to Hope Hicks (and others), Being Called “Hush Money”

Earlier this year, it was reported by some outlets that former White House Communications Director Hope Hicks was preparing to flip and make a plea deal against popular vote loser Donald Trump. Shortly after these reports, Hicks resigned.

Now, there’s large amounts of money that is making its way to the law firm that’s representing Hope Hicks, to the tune of nearly $500,000.

It was discovered several months ago that the RNC was taking money from a Kremlin oligarch and using it pay Trump’s legal bills, but the RNC has since said they are no longer do that. While that may technically be true, it has now been discovered that instead of paying Trump’s legal bills, the RNC is funneling money to Trump’s associates and alleged co-conspirators by giving it to the law firm that is representing Hope Hicks and others. (Source: Washington Post)

Bill Palmer points out:”It’s not clear if that money has been coming from the same oligarch who was funding Trump’s defense, or from other sources. What is clear, however, is that the RNC is paying (technically legal) hush money to Hicks in an attempt at keeping her quiet. However, it may not be working.”

Although this money is clearly intended to convince Hope Hicks to stay quiet and fight whatever obstruction charges are brought against her, there is nothing to prevent her from taking the money and then cutting a plea deal anyway. Former Trump legal team spokesman Mark Corallo testified to Robert Mueller that he heard Hicks promising to scuttle evidence, meaning that it would be quite difficult for her to beat obstruction charges in court, no matter how good her lawyers are. Mueller has cut plea deals with Trump-Russia figures and then in some instances kept it quiet for several months.”

Tired of all the “winning” yet, America? Yeah, me too.

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