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Adam Schiff Explains: “There’s evidence of both collusion and obstruction in Trump-Russia probe”

Trump has been working hard to distract everyone from the impending bombshell evidence that could break any day now. Everyday he’s used a different ridiculous tactic to draw attention away from the bigger story. Trump knows the mountain of evidence against him is getting bigger every day and we are all anxiously awaiting the big story that’s on its way.

If you aren’t convinced Trump’s antics are a veiled attempted at distraction, maybe Adam Schiff can change your mind. Schiff, who is the ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, has seen more classified evidence than anyone else and said, “I believe there’s evidence of both collusion and obstruction in Trump-Russia probe.”

If that’s not enough proof, legal expert and Harvard Law Professor Laurence Tribe said “When Adam Schiff says there’s evidence of both collusion & obstruction, you can take that to the bank.”

While the Wall Street Journal has yet to follow up on its shocking story regarding Peter Smith as a key player in the Trump-Russia collusion, there seems to finally be a reason. Apparently, the news agencies are coordinating with Special Counsel Robert Mueller to hold back a bombshell story. It makes sense that Mueller would want to be ready to act quickly once this information becomes public, if not before.

So how long until the public hears the bigger story? While we don’t know that answer and we don’t know what the bombshell is, we are more confident than ever that it is coming.

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