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After Pence’s NFL Walkout, He Ran Off to a Russian-Tied Event That Everyone Missed

Mike Pence is receiving all kinds of attention these days and it’s not the kind he should want.

This past weekend, Pence performed a PR stunt orchestrated by Trump and walked out of an NFL game in protest of players kneeling for the National Anthem.

He absolutely knew what was going to happen before he stepped foot into the stadium, but it’s his moves immediately after leaving the game that went unnoticed by most.

Pence left the stadium in Indianapolis and hopped on a plane to head straight to California for a fundraiser for Congressman Dana Rohrabacher. Seems pretty standard, right? Not hardly.

This is the same Congressman who has such strong ties to Russia that his fellow Congressman Kevin McCarthy once said he was actually being paid by Vladimir Putin. The controversy around Rohrabacher got worse back in the summer after he met with Julian Assange of WikiLeaks – who is also considered a Russia operative of sorts – and attempted to negotiate a pardon.

Bill Palmer points out:

Rohrabacher is in so deep with Russia, and seemingly so likely to be taken down by Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, that no national political figure seems to want to be associated with him. Although he’s based in a Republican-leaning district and was most recently reelected with 58% of the vote, he’s since become so radioactive that it seems likely he’ll lose to a Republican primary challenger in 2018 before he even has a chance to lose the general election. Yet Mike Pence was willing to fly all the way from Indianapolis to California just to attend a fundraiser with Rohrabacher.

Here’s the very interesting part…

Mike Pence has claimed innocence in Trump’s Russia scandal from the start, so why is he not staying as far away from Dana Rohrabacher as possible?

One of two things occurred here. 1) Pence made a stupid mistake, or 2) Pence is involved in the Russia scandal after all and used the NFL stunt as a distraction, hoping no one would connect the dots.

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