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After Trump Jr.’s Russian Collusion, Evidence Says Ivanka Trump is Next

It’s not a stretch to say that Donald Trump is headed toward criminal charges; it’s just a matter of when, which will likely lead to him bringing down every member of his family in the process. Trump Jr. is now on the chopping block given his recent admittance to collusion with Russians, and Kushner is also a ticking time bomb. Ivanka Trump is now in the hot seat and she has her brother to blame.

It’s not hard to connect the dots from the people involved in setting up the Trump Jr./Russian lawyer meeting back to the Trump businesses, including Ivanka Trump’s. Emin Agalarov and Aras Agalarov are the Russian billionaires who are deeply connected to all members of the Trump family and their businesses.

The Palmer Report points out:

But according to Goldstone’s emails released by Junior, the meeting was allegedly brokered by Russian billionaire Aras Agalarov and/or his son Emin Agalarov. One need look no further than the Trump Organization’s dealings to see that Aras Agalarov did business with both Donald Trump Jr. and Ivanka Trump. Whatever connection Agalarov had with the one Trump kid, he also had with the other Trump kid.

Let’s not forget, Robert Mueller has hired prosecutors who specialize in money laundry and international organized crime. This is a clear indication that he has realized the financial connections to Russia that go deep into the Trump organization. The financial ties and trails will be more than enough to bring down the Trump empire.

We have no proof that Ivanka had any meetings with Russian government officials, but the financial records should lead us right back to her. Another Trump bites the dust.

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