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After Trump’s Meltdown on Air Force One, His Mental Health is Being Questioned

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After Trump’s Meltdown on Air Force One, His Mental Health is Being Questioned

Trump has officially gone off the deep end and he’s not making sense to anyone anymore.

One of his latest rants insisted that “people will die” because of his Trump-Russia scandal. What the hell does that even mean? Is that a threat? That is what he told a group of reporters on Air Force One just hours ago for no apparent reason.

With people across the country questioning his mental stability, this is not the time to be throwing crazy ideas out there, but Donald J. Trump has never been one to say or do things at opportune times.

He started off saying that he believes Russian President Vladimir Putin when he says that Russia did not interfere with the election.

Then he said the U.S. intel community are a bunch of “political hacks”.

He wasn’t done there…he jumped on Twitter and insisted that Americans who oppose him are “haters and fools”.

If that wasn’t enough, he went on to say that Kim Jong-Un is “short and fat”. He had typos throughout this disastrous tirade and basically cemented everyone’s concerns about his lack of mental stability.

All of that, however, was just warming us up for when Trump told reporters like Jennifer Jacobs of Bloomberg, “This artificial Democratic hit job gets in the way and that’s a shame. Because people will die because of it. And it’s a pure hit job.”

Excuse me, what? Is Trump going to kill people? Or is he afraid Putin will? Who’s killing who and what is the context for this line of thinking?

25th Amendment anyone?

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