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Ambassador Accidentally Outs Trump For Violating Constitution

It’s pretty much an established fact that Donald Trump violates the US Constitution by his very existence. When someone accidentally proves the point even further it’s just that much sweeter.

That’s exactly what happened earlier this week when Georgian Ambassador Kaha Imnadze tweeted “Great #hotel and so far the best service I’ve seen in the United States! Keep it up!”

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 7.24.32 AM

That would be a lovely and inspiring message to the staff of say, the Holiday Inn Express or Embassy Suites.  The problem is, the #hotel (?) in question is the Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC.

Imnadze’s tweet is not only a perfect example of an emolument,  an illegal payment from a foreign government entity to the President of the United States , but also an indication of how this clause guards against corruption from the President.

Think Progress further explains:

It’s also the site of another type of corruption: Trump is leasing the building from the government, effectively making him both tenant and landlord. This is prohibited by most government leases, including Trump’s.

The General Services Administration, which administers the lease (and is now part of the Trump administration), however, ruled that Trump’s ownership is not a violation. Ethics experts weren’t convinced by this reasoning.

“Not only is the conclusion unexpected and unpersuasive, as a matter of law, but, as a matter of policy, it is harmful to the integrity — and thus credibility — of GSA, the Presidency, and federal procurement process,” Steven L. Schooner, George Washington University Professor of Government Procurement Law, previously told ThinkProgress.

Just further proof of a President and Administration that believes the rules don’t apply to them. Congratulations, America, you just elected a man whose primary goal is to build his brand and his bank  accounts.

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