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Another Indictment From Robert Mueller Discovered in a Court Document

After Special Counsel Robert Mueller arrested Paul Manafort and Rick Gates, it became clear that in the paperwork it was listed as “Indictment (B)”, which means that an “Indictment (A)” exists and came out of the same investigation. This went almost entirely overlooked by the mainstream media.

This indictment is sealed and must be bigger than Manafort and Gates if it’s listed first, as indictments are listed in the order of importance. We now know it’s wasn’t Papadopoulos or Flynn, so everyone is dying to know just who it involves. It’s been weeks, yet it remains sealed.

Kierán Suckling‏ from the Center for Biological Diversity pointed out was the first one to point this out weeks ago:

Nothing has even leaked about it. Mueller is obviously keeping the details of this one under wraps and that means he’s not yet ready to move in on the person in question just yet. Only a few options make sense in this scenario.

It’s being speculated that Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Jared Kushner, Jeff Sessions or even Trump Jr. are among those that the sealed indictment could be against. Based on the legal filing numbers, we know this indictment is related to the Manafort-Gates cases, so that strongly suggests Sessions and Kushner couldn’t be involved, as they have no known direct ties to Manafort.

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