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April 16th: The Moment Trump/Russia Scandal Started, But Everyone Missed It

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April 16th: The Moment Trump/Russia Scandal Started, But Everyone Missed It

The Trump/Russia connection just took a turn that almost everyone missed at the time, but it dates back to April 16th, 2016, just days before Donald Trump mathematically eliminated his GOP opponents for the Republican nomination.

The events that took place immediately after have been brought to light by Seth Abramson who is an Attorney and University of New Hampshire professor, as well as a columnist for The Washington Post, Huffington Post, Dallas News, Seattle Times, and others. If Abramson took the time to put these pieces of the puzzle together, you shouldn’t take them lightly.

Abramson put the timeline together on Twitter, which can be seen below:

Abramson goes on to point out that the timing wasn’t a coincidence, but rather Manafort was a panned part of the Trump campaign “as soon as Trump became the nominee.”

The speech was cancelled last minute when the Trump campaign decided the venue wasn’t bis enough and was not safe, Abramson explained. The Mayflower Hotel, which was even smaller!

Abramson points out something most people missed: The Mayflower has private rooms and areas of restricted access, which would allow Trump to hold a secret/private cocktail hour in the hotel’s VIP Senate Room.

The cocktail hour included several big names with Russian ties:

After selling Russia’s state oil company, Rosneft, Abramson alleges that Trump promised to lift U.S. sanctions against Russiain in exchange for a portion of the company. (Could this be a reason Trump doesn’t want his taxes released even for 2016?)

In a curious move, just after their private cocktail meeting the night before, During Trump’s speech he called for the renewal of the United States’ “friendship” with Russia:

THEN THIS BOMBSHELL: Abramson points out that the the only meeting Jess Sessions didn’t disclose to Congress during his confirmation hearings was the one with Kislyak at the Mayflower.

Naturally, the White House says they couldn’t remember who was at the Mayflower that night.

And of course, the White House lied about Mayflower…

Things certainly make a lot more sense now, especially the fact that Attorney General Jeff Sessions wasn’t truthful during his hearing about Russian contact with

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