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Evidence Surfaces Bannon/Manafort Knew In Advance Which Swing States Trump Would Miraculously Win

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Evidence Surfaces Bannon/Manafort Knew In Advance Which Swing States Trump Would Miraculously Win

The more Trump’s henchmen speak, the deeper the hole they find themselves in. This time around, two of his campaign advisers are proving that they knew in advance which swing states, Michigan in particular, would flip in favor of Trump.

The Hollywood Reporter’s Michael Wolff said he spoke with Steve Bannon in 2016. Bannon told Wolff that Trump was going to win Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Michigan. Now, while it’s not surprising that a top official in the campaign would be speaking confidently, it is suspicious that he knew months in advance which specific states would flip, especially ones that should have been impossible.

It may be even more concerning that Bloomberg revealed after Trump sent Manafort packing, the two were still in contact throughout the election. Manafort knew enough to call Trump up and tell him to go to Michigan during the campaign. This was supposed to be an impossible win for Trump in Michigan, so for Trump to go spend time there when other key areas should have been more of a priority raises some red flags. If Manafort knew Michigan was rigged, he would have sent him there to “explain” the win later.

Bill Palmer put all of the pieces together and went on to say:

You don’t have to look far to figure out why these two advisers in particular might have known that Donald Trump was going to “win” Michigan. Paul Manafort took millions of dollars in Kremlin money when he was getting Putin’s puppet elected in Ukraine. Steve Bannon ran the statical company Cambridge Analytica, which is suspected of having plotted Trump’s strategy by using voter data that had been stolen by Russian hackers. Sure enough, it was Manafort and Bannon who somehow knew for certain that Trump would win Michigan, even at a time when there was no evidence whatsoever that this was remotely possible.

These key advisers clearly weren’t just speaking from an optimistic place, they knew something was going on behind the scenes. The Kremlin money tied to Michigan raises flags, the uninvestigated voter fraud, and now these eerily similar fixations on Michigan.

With these two men being so closely investigated already, we can only hope Mueller uncovers just what ties them to Michigan and how it was all coordinated.

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