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Bernie Sanders Signals at a 2020 Presidential Run, Already Stacking His Team

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Bernie Sanders Signals at a 2020 Presidential Run, Already Stacking His Team

While everyone is discussing Joe Biden, Cory Booker and really any other promising Democrat for 2020, they seem to be forgetting about good ole Bernie Sanders.

Bernie is the most popular politician in America, an in-demand public speaker and a hugely successful fundraiser. While most people think Sanders is too old to run in 2020, we wouldn’t count him out just yet.

Sanders is maintaining a promising place in the media, strengthening his relationships in Washington, and even launched his own national political organization. He is shifting closer to the center and making himself more widely accessible to voters.

There are several reasons Bernie just might be the man to watch. For starters, no one thought he stood a chance against Hillary Clinton, yet most officials and voters liked him. Deep down, Sanders didn’t think he could beat Hillary, so he spent a lot of time just getting his foot in the door and laying a foundation, in our opinion. Now he can use that to his advantage when/if he hits the campaign trail again.

Sanders is already stacking his team.
Vox points out: Earlier this year, Sanders — who doesn’t sit on the Foreign Relations, Armed Services, or Intelligence Committees — quietly added to his team Matt Duss, a veteran Middle East analyst known for looking askance at America’s tendency toward uncritical alliance with Saudi Arabia and Israel. It’s a clear sign that Sanders, who had a keen interest in left-wing foreign policy as mayor of Burlington but hasn’t had much of a profile on the issue in Congress, is serious about being able to play competently on the full spectrum of issues.

Sanders also picked up Ari Rabin-Havt, best known in recent years for his Sirius XM radio show but previously an adviser for Harry Reid in his early years as Democrats’ Senate leader.

While Sanders is deepening his team in Washington, his national political organization Our Revolution is diligently working to get Sanders supporters elected to state and local offices. Critically, the list of Our Revolution winners — a group that includes House members, state legislators, state party chairs, and even city council members — is quite ethnically diverse. His camp is aware that 2016’s African-American outreach strategy was flawed in both concept and execution, and he’s setting himself up to be able to count on black and Latino elected officials from all regions of the country as surrogates while also courting national leaders like the NAACP’s William Barber.

Also noticeable, Sanders is already trying to bring Americans together. He penned an op-ed titled “How Democrats Can Stop Losing Elections.” It was a message to those who he appeals to the most, those non-Republicans who aren’t lifelong Democrats. Bernie is on message and on point with an American population who is growing weary of the party line.

Sanders followers are not going to just jump to another Democrat blindly. The only other name that appeals to the same crowd is Elizabeth Warren. We all know Warren brings her own host of problems to the table, so would Sanders really be laying all of this foundation simply to hand it over to her?

Like him or not, Bernie seemed to bring a breath of fresh air with young voters, knows the ropes and has relationships with others in Washington which appeals to young and old voters, and has a unifying message that would appeal to anyone after this train-wreck of a president.

While we don’t know if Sanders is really interested in running and it’s way too early in the game to know for sure, we wouldn’t count him out just yet. A lot of people are still “feeling the Bern” and he just might have a shot.

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