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Betsy DeVos Got Ran Out of Another School, “You Don’t Know Anything About Education!”

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, one of Donald Trump’s most controversial cabinet picks, is making a habit of being chased out of schools.

The Resistance Report explains that “DeVos began the day by visiting the private charter CARE Elementary School (Christian Academy for Reaching Excellence), in Miami’s Overtown neighborhood. Prior to visiting the SLAM charter school (Sports Leadership and Management, partially owned by entertainer Pitbull), Secretary DeVos was scheduled to visit the Nicole Wertheim School of Nursing and Health Sciences at FIU.”

While at FIU, DeVos was met with a crowd of protestors both as she entered and exited.

The Miami New Times reported that a protester  (who requested his name not be released due to past threats related to his activism) confronted DeVos as she was leaving a meeting, shouting “You don’t know anything about education!” as she was escorted into an elevator by Secret Service agents. As DeVos fled, she walked out the front door of the school and was met by even more protesters.

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