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Big City Mayors Launch Coalition To Resist Donald Trump Across America

About a year into his term, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio created a coalition between himself and other big city mayors to push what they call “progressive direction.”  Those efforts stalled, for a myriad of reasons.

Now, that group is being reinvigorated around a common cause: Thwarting incoming President Donald Trump.
From the New York Times:
Now, the election of Donald J. Trump has reinvigorated the coalition, giving Mr. de Blasio the means to rally dissent among the big city mayors and potentially offering him a leg up on claiming the mantle of a leading Trump antagonist among Democrats.

Since Election Day, Mr. de Blasio has used his perch as the mayor of America’s largest city, and Mr. Trump’s hometown, to cast himself as a defender of immigrants, minorities and others fearful over what the new administration’s policies might mean for urban residents. Behind the scenes, his administration has tried to rally other municipal leaders to press for last-minute action by President Obama, particularly on immigration.

Mayor de Blasio’s emphasis is clearly around that issue of immigration.  He told reporters “Any one city could say that we’re not going to turn our police forces into immigration enforcers, but wouldn’t it be stronger if 200 cities said it and did it simultaneously?”

“We’re taking a no-excuses strategy, as opposed to lamenting President-elect Trump’s win and his policy positions,” said Mayor Kasim Reed of Atlanta, a Democrat. “We think that by joining together that we can have a very strong countermessage.”

It’s nice to see a group of powerful people taking steps toward action against Trump, as opposed to just complaining about where we find ourselves.

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