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Boy Scouts of America Goes Public on Trump’s Massive Lie


Boy Scouts of America Goes Public on Trump’s Massive Lie

Speaking to the national Boy Scout Jamboree meeting a couple of weeks ago may have been popular vote loser Donald Trump’s low point of the Presidency. And that is quite an accomplishment.  Making political statement after political statement, right after saying he thought making the speech political would be inappropriate, Trump led the crowd of young men in boos against Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, bragged about sexual exploits on a friends’ yacht, and attacked the “Fake News” media, among other things.

The speech was almost universally derided and criticized for its similarities to the Hitler Youth and the disrespect for Trump’s predecessor and campaign opponent.  Widely considered one of his worst moments, unless of course, you ask the liar in chief himself, who claimed that Boy Scout leaders called him to praise his speech. Well, they never called.

Never happened:

The Boy Scouts organization on Wednesday denied that its head called President Trump to praise him for his speech last week during the national jamboree, the Associated Press reported. The organization’s president and chief executive both said they never placed such a call, days after the president claimed the organization’s chief had called to say Trump’s politically aggressive speech was “the greatest speech that was ever made to them.”

During the speech, the president broke from the organization’s tradition to push his political agenda and, at one point, encouraged the boy scouts in attendance to boo former President Obama.

How much longer can his few remaining supporters defend this man’s blatant lying?  This phone call story was pulled straight out of thin air. These people have no problem lying about the most basic and disprovable things.

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