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Brain Specialist Believes Trump’s Frontal Lobe is Failing

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Brain Specialist Believes Trump’s Frontal Lobe is Failing

Over the duration of Donald Trump’s presidency, one thing is for certain: The number and frequency of his basic, confused errors has become quite a concerning matter to a number of Americans.

I mean, think about it.  He’s forgotten names. He’s forgotten people. He’s forgotten what to do during the National Anthem. He’s forgotten a kid handing him a hat. He’s forgotten which country he bombed. He’s forgotten where to walk off stage. He’s forgotten what car to get into. The list goes on and on.

With these errors in mind, among others, a brain specialist doctor from upstate New York has already said she believes there is evidence that Trump’s frontal lobe is failing.

Back in April, Brenda J. Iannucci, M.D., who is a Cognitive Function Specialist, summed up Trump’s worsening lack of recall in the following fashion: “Cognitive failure in Trump: naming functions located frontotemporal regions of brain. Recall + reasoning fail concurrently.”

While this was two-and-a-half months ago, the circumstantial evidence to support her assertion has only continued to pile up.  For crying out loud, most recently, he’s forgotten where his limo was, even though he was standing right next to it.

It shouldn’t (doesn’t) take a medical professional to see where see where Dr. Iannucci’s assertions are coming from, am I right?

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