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Breitbart Employee Outs Steve Bannon as a Paid Foreign Agent

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Breitbart Employee Outs Steve Bannon as a Paid Foreign Agent

Most of Donald Trump’s cabinet and staff seem to have strong ties to foreign governments in varying degrees.  Many of them are likely working for the Kremlin, Michael Flynn was paid by the Turkish government while on Trump’s staff.  Monica Crowley, while not on Trump’s staff (though she almost was) is an acknowledged pro-Kremlin foreign agent.

Now, the big bombshell being reported is that Trump puppetmaster Steve Bannon is being accused of having been a paid foreign agent of Egypt while running the conservative propaganda site, Breitbart, which was renting space from Washington DC from former Egyptian politician Moustafa El-Gindy, which isn’t illegal, but it goes much deeper than just that.

The Daily Beast reports,

A former Breitbart News writer alleged the site was acting as an illegal influence operation for its Washington, D.C. landlord, an obscure Egyptian politician cited this week by a Capitol Hill media association that denied Breitbart press credentials.

Two sources with direct knowledge, including one former Breitbart writer, say a reporter for the pro-Trump news organization was behind a complaint to the Department of Justice implicating then-chairman Steve Bannon and Moustafa El-Gindy, an Egyptian businessman and former legislator and the owner of Breitbart’s Washington office.

A complaint filed with the Justice Department’s National Security Division as the 2016 presidential campaign kicked into gear alleged that Breitbart was acting as a de facto foreign agent for El-Gindy by providing him with friendly coverage. The Daily Beast obtained a copy of the complaint through a Freedom of Information Act request.

At what point do we get to have a presidential administration that works for America?

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