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Cambridge Analytica: The Company That Stole The Election That You’ve Never Heard of

If you have taken online quizzes on Facebook or others, chances are you’re partaking in something that data analytics companies are compiling into a database about you – sometimes for nefarious reasons.  One such company is Cambridge Analytica. They use all of the information you fill out on various surveys to create psychological profiles of you and then engage in micro-targeting in an attempt to influence you to do anything from buy a product to vote – or not vote – a certain way.

The CEO, Alexander Nix, claims that this company has been involved in over 40 elections worldwide in the past decade. Robert Mercer started off as a Ted Cruz donor, opening 3 separate Super PACs, and hiring Cambridge Analytica to do data analytics for them. He raised tens of millions of dollars during the primaries for Cruz with the help of Kellyanne Conway.  It turns out that Mercer himself has invested $5 million into the success of Cambridge Analytica. He claims to have created “profiles” of 220 million million Americans.

Photographer: Sylvain Gaboury Rebekah, Robert, and Diana Mercer at the 2014 World Science Festival Gala on April 7, 2014

Photographer: Sylvain Gaboury
Rebekah, Robert, and Diana Mercer at the 2014 World Science Festival Gala on April 7, 2014

A look at Robert Mercer reveals that he is a statistical genius, having worked for IBM and developing an algorithm for Renaissance Technologies that has made investors in its Medallion fund insanely rich.

Mercer has also donated $10 million each to Breitbart News and the Media Research Center. They’ve also helped fund Citizens United to the tune of almost $4 million. Citizens United, headed by future Trump surrogate David Bossie, brought a case to the U.S. Supreme Court to reduce regulations in campaign finance.

Mercer also helped fund Government Accountability Institute, which was created by Trump Chief Strategist and Council for National Policy Member Steve Bannon and Robert’s daughter Rebekah. The G.A.I. helped fund the book “Clinton Cash,” which detailed supposedly dubious financial dealings the Clinton’s head with various governments. Rebekah is on the board of the Heritage Foundation and various other foundations.

People who knew Mercer over the years say he is a libertarian who hates the establishment, tended to believe conspiracy theories about the Clintons spread by Council for National Policy funded magazine the American Spectator, and according to a former coworker also believes “Bob thinks the less government the better. He’s happy if people don’t trust the government. And if the President’s a bozo? He’s fine with that. He wants it to all fall down”

Cambridge Analytica is a company run by the Mercers that engages in the following types of Facebook targeting; “These “dark posts”—sponsored Facebook posts that can only be seen by users with specific profiles—included videos aimed at African-Americans in which Hillary Clinton refers to black men as predators, for example.”

It doesn’t stop there, though. Cambridge Analytica is a subsidiary of the Strategic Communications Laboratory group, a British company known to engage in psychological warfare and disinformation campaigns.

Nigel Farage used Cambridge Analytics to win the Brexit campaign too, and he happens to be close to WikiLeaks founder and Russian agent Julian Assange.

Michael Flynn also served as an advisor to the SCL Group in 2016 and one of his advisors is now serving as a lobbyist for them .

Vincent Tchenguiz owned 25% of SCL Group through Consensus Business Group which employed current SCL Chairman Julian Wheatland, won over a million dollars on our presidential election, and has now bet on the French election. He sold his shares of SCL within weeks of Ted Cruz announcing he was running.

Tchenguiz also bought into another company around that time that was run by Dmitry Firtash, the man who wanted for questioning on a bribery charge in the United States. Tchenguiz is tied to Firtash through a complex web of business ties starting with his holding company Wheddon Ltd. Wheddon is invested in a private business in the United Kingdom that listed Firtash as the largest shareholder.

In 2005, Tchenguiz started talking about investing in green energy firms, so he invested In the company Zander Group Ltd. Zander signed a deal in 2012 to work on soil regeneration in Libya. From 2006 to 2011, Spadi Trading Company owned about 30% of the shares in Zander Group. Spadi was owned by Group DF, which is run by Dmitry Firtash and has engaged in numerous dealings with Paul Manafort.

All of these ties are done through a complex web of holding companies that primarily exist to prevent the media from easily connecting the dots and saying “Person A works with Person B through a deal with Company X.” The reason so many people care about Dmitry Firtash is because of his history with the Russian mob.

Vincent Tchenguiz’s ties to Russia do not just end there, as he has been linked to Russian spy Anna Chapman, who coincidently was part of a Russian Spy swap that we orchestrated a few years ago that included Gennady Vasilenko. He is the Russian ex-spy that was just implicated in the story about the Republican National Committee making payments to Hamilton Trading Group for scandalous information on Clinton in May of last year.

Last week, I received an anonymous tip that the first payment to Hamilton Trading Company was done the same day as the activity started on the Alfa Bank Server. I sent that tip along to Grant Stern who had already written about Alfa Bank and its connections to the Kremlin. Louise Mensch has a good, yet still somewhat questionable, record on these types of things, which includes a theory that Alfa Bank owns the SCL Group through subsidiaries of the Tchenguiz brothers.

This theory exists because the brothers had 40% of Icelandic Bank Kaupthings capital tied up in loans to them. Anne Marlow speculates further;

“Kaupthing’s largest shareholder, Meidur, now called Exista, which owned 25 percent of its shares, had ties to Alfa Bank, the largest Russian commercial bank; Alfa chairman was “deep state” figure Mikhail Fridman, chairman and co-founder of Alfa Group, the parent of Alfa Bank. Meanwhile, Trump adviser Richard Burt is on the “senior advisory board” of Alfa Bank. (None of which is illegal or secret.)” 

So, what does all this mean?

Whether or not the Alfa Bank story is correct is beyond the point. The fact is this; Steve Bannon and Robert Mercer used a data analytics firm in incredibly nefarious ways to manipulate the public in order to swing the election. Another fact to note is that an Iranian businessman with two separate ties to corrupt Russians who have had access to everyone in the countries personal data is a terrifying one and I think it needs to be studied more.

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