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Trump Panics: Caught Deleting Records, Faces Lawsuit For Violating Presidential Records Act

Popular vote loser Donald Trump, a prolific Tweeter if nothing else, looks like he’s in in panic mode over his Twitter account at this point.

It appears that Trump is facing legal action for violating the Presidential Records Act by deleting a number of old Tweets.  Usually, in the past, he has deleted tweets to correct his numerous spelling or grammar errors, but earlier this week, that all changed.

Trump appears to now be scared over something to do with endorsing a candidate in the Republican primary race for U.S. Senate in Alabama, Luther Strange, who lost by a large margin.

Trump tweeted congratulations to Strange’s opponent, fellow Republican Roy Moore, then had to delete it after he had stated the wrong month for the upcoming general election contest.

The deleted tweets were archived by ProPublica, but are no longer public on Twitter, feeding into an intriguing legal debate about whether Mr. Trump is breaking the law when he deletes his old tweets.

Then Trump did something very strange: he went back and deleted every single one of his tweets endorsing and urging people to vote for Strange, which certainly looks like he’s trying to get rid of all evidence that he endorsed Luther Strange to begin with.

Here are the other tweets Trump deleted:

New York Times points out:

The president regularly deletes tweets with typos and misspellings. Less frequently, but not unheard-of, are erasures that pertain to more significant topics. In March, he posted and deleted a tweet that read: “Meeting with Generals at Mar-a-Lago in Florida. Very interesting!”

At least two government watchdog groups, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington and the National Security Archive, believe that when Mr. Trump deletes a tweet he may be breaking the law.

The groups filed a lawsuit in June against Mr. Trump and the Executive Office of the President, claiming that deleting social media posts violates the Presidential Records Act, a law that requires presidential communications to be archived. The groups are also suing to require White House staff members to archive material sent through encrypted messaging apps, such as WhatsApp and Signal.

“Acting Without Thinking: The Donald Trump Presidency” will hit bookshelves sometime in 2018, right after the impeachment trials ends, I have a feeling.

Does he really think the American people are stupid enough not to notice this?

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