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Chuck Schumer Brilliantly Blasts Mitch McConnell’s Hypocrisy with One Document

Earlier this week, we showed you this letter written by Mitch McConnell to Harry Reid in 2009, demanding new President Obama’s cabinet picks be vetted and background checked to the absolute letter of the law.

This should be fair enough, actually, until you consider that now Mitch McConnell is ready to rush most of Donald Trump’s controversial picks through that very same vetting process, because the agency “is overwhelmed” with the work.  How convenient, Mitch.

Senator Chuck Schumer is having none of McConell’s bull crap, though. Schumer had a request similar to McConnell’s to Reid. So similar, in fact, that Schumer tweeted a familiar looking letter to McConnell:


Well played, sir!

There has likely never been a better way to hit Mitch “The Obstructionist” McConnell right in the face with his insane hypocrisy.

Clearly, Republicans believe requirements and standards are only a good idea if it prevents Barack Obama from doing his job.

For those keeping score at home: Schumer 1, McConnell 0

H/T Vox

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