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Cohen Threat to Reporter Released: “What I’m going to do to you if going to be f*cking disgusting. I’m going to mess your life up…for as long as you’re on this freakin’ planet”

The Stormy Daniels interview on 60 Minutes revealed very little new information on her affair with Donald Trump. She didn’t confirm whether or not she has photos or videos of the affair, she gave no comments about Trump sexually, and really it was a let down as far as juicy gossip goes. However, she did set Trump up.

We were all expecting for some type of embarrassing info from Daniels about Trump, but had that happened, everyone would have just dismissed her as a porn star who was trying to get her five minutes of fame. Fact is, she would have lost credibility had she gone that direction.

Daniels seems to realize what’s at stake here, so she made a point of not being that typical stereotype. She kept her composure and dealt Trump his worst fear. Daniels gained credibility. The average American watched that interview and realized she’s telling the truth. She won’t  actually need any proof at this point because they believe her.

Daniels has said all along the relationship was consensual. The problem here is that not only did Trump cheat on his wife, but he had his lawyer pay her off and then another guy threatened her safety, in which Michael Cohen denies having anything to do with.

However, based on the threat that Megyn Kelly just brought to light, I wouldn’t be shocked at all if Cohen was actually behind the physical threat to Stormy Daniels:

This story and her timing do seem strange, but her interview was a big step in the right direction. Anyone on the fence about believing her should see her in a new light now.

We realize Daniels is simply trying to get Trump to self implode at this point and it will most likely work. He’s going to realize she’s gaining traction and he’s going to freak out probably on Twitter. Another Trump Twitter rant and he’ll most likely fess up to the relationship and the tapes or pictures. She’s got him right where she wants him and in the end he will be his own undoing.

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