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Cop Kills Army Veteran’s Service Dog, Then Hands Him Two Citations

The Daily Haze has reported a police officer in Augusta, Kansas shot and killed the service dog of Army veteran Alan Fitzgerald after receiving a call from a neighbor who claimed her dog had been attacked by Fitzgerald’s dog Midnite, who was assigned to Fitzgerald to help treat his anxiety and PTSD

The Officer claims he “feared for his life” when knocking on the door of Fitzgerald’s home when, allegedly, the dog busted through the door, knocking an animal control officer off of the porch. However, Fitzgerald and witnesses tell an entirely different story.

Not only does Fitzgerald’s story seem genuine when you watch the tap, but there is more evidence that the behavior of Midnight described by the police officer doesn’t add up.

Just 4 months ago, Midnight was a certified ADA service dog through Family Dog Training and Behavioral Center. The training center confirmed Midnite’s training to KAKE ABC. Midnite passed all the “necessary tests and did not show any aggression.”  This picture of Midnite’s service card was taken by The Daily HazeMidnite-service-card

The story the neighbors tell is also much different that that of the police department. Witnesses say the officer pounded on the glass door of the home, waited for a moment and opened the door and entered the home without a warrant or permission.

Witnesses claim to have seen the officer kicking Midnite and even using his baton.

After entering the house without permission, and attacking Midnite, they moved outside. That is when the officer shot and killed Midnite.

More than a day later Fitzgerald received two citations from the police department. One citation for a “vicious animal at large,” and the second for Midnite “attacking” officer Keith.

The police officer was fully exonerated for killing Midnite.


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