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Cuba Releases Perfect Response to Trump For Severing Relationship

Donald Trump’s foreign policy is pretty simple: Whatever Obama did, undo it and do the opposite. That’s a pretty childish, petty and spiteful way to run a country, but, here we are.

Last week, Donald Trump, going against the advice of nearly every foreign policy expert in the world, reversed policy set by Obama that warmed relations with Cuba for the first time in decades.  Trump sanctimoniously and conveniently-for-him blasted Cuba for human rights abuses:

“The Castro regime has shipped arms to North Korea and fueled chaos in Venezuela. While imprisoning innocents, it has harbored cop killers, hijackers and terrorists. It has supported human trafficking, forced labor and exploitation all around the globe.” Trump said.

The Washington Journal explains that utter hypocrisy:

The hypocrisy is incredible. Under President Trump, civilian casualties in the war against ISIS have skyrocketed. 3,800 innocent people have died from American bombs since Trump took office, as a newly empowered military uses bigger and bigger bombs on civilian areas.

On top of that, in the past few months, President Trump has publicly praised Rodrigo Duterte of the Phillippines, whose death squads have slaughtered thousands of people in the past few months; Erdogan Recep Tayyip of Turkey, who holds tens of thousands of political prisoners and subjects them to torture and rape in his prisons and is waging an ethnic cleansing campaign against the Kurds in the southeast, and King Salman of Saudi Arabia, who is orchestrating a blockade of Yemen that is leaving millions starving while he slaughters thousands with his American-bought weapons.

Cuba’s response to Trump’s absurdity was perfect:

“We have deep concerns by the respect and the guarantees of the human rights in that country, where there is a large number of cases of murder, brutality and police abuse, particularly against the African Americans; the right to live is violated as a result of deaths by firearms.”

Keeping score at home? That’s Cuba 1, Trump 0.

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