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D.C. Court Records Reveal 7 New Indictments Are Coming


D.C. Court Records Reveal 7 New Indictments Are Coming

There have already been three arrests in the Trump-Russia scandal and a guilty plea from one of them. Now we all anxiously await to see who’s next.

Mueller’s investigation has been kept pretty secret along the way, but now that federal court papers have been filed, we are getting more hints.

There have been several sealed items that have been posted to the schedule for the U.S. District Court in Washington DC. These case numbers imply that there are a dozen charges against seven different people.

Several people have suspected these items are all separate and for different individuals, but Brookings Institution Senior Fellow Benjamin Wittes shared some insight.

He tweeted, “there are NOT 33 sealed indictments on the docket at the U.S. District Court in D.C. I spent some time looking at the docket this evening. People are confusing indictments with cases before magistrate judges. By my count, there appear to be seven sealed cases whose docket numbers suggest they post-date the charges against Papadopoulos.”

So that means there are 7 more indictments coming. The sealed nature of these documents and their timing strongly imply they do in fact have something to do with the Trump-Russia scandal.

If you add the pending charges in Virginia for Michael Flynn and potentially his son, that’s almost 10 more pending arrests in this investigation. So much for that “witch hunt” Trump claimed this was.

Is it possible that these sealed indictments have nothing to do with Mueller? Sure, but the timing, volume, and fact that they are sealed certainly looks like something big is cooking.

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