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Mueller is Sitting on a Trump-Russia Bombshell, “Damning Intercepts That Will Expose Trump”, Says Insider

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Mueller is Sitting on a Trump-Russia Bombshell, “Damning Intercepts That Will Expose Trump”, Says Insider

Donald Trump has been awfully defensive of allegations of Russian collusion in the last two weeks. Almost as if he has something to hide, or knows that the press is ready to release a bombshell report related to Robert Mueller’s investigation into the collusion.

Respected political pundit Tea Pain reported via Twitter: “Tea Pain can confirm from multiple sources that our press has damning intercepts that will expose Trump. The press outlets are working with Mueller’s investigation, holding these articles so as not to compromise their active sources. Rest assured there is evidence of Trump wrongdoin’ and that it will cripple Trump’s presidency. This goes deep, friends. It’s no longer a matter of if, but when. Tea Pain is confident Mueller’s team will ferret out all the weasels and justice will reign! This also explains why Trump’s jumpier than a bobcat at a county fair. He knows it’s there, thus his elevated anti-media attacks.”

(Side Note: Tea Pain isn’t just some random guy spouting theories. This is the same guy that traced down the connection from Russia’s Alfa-Bank to Trump Tower during the campaign. You can read that bombshell report here.)

The Palmer Report suggests we may know what’s going on:

News outlets are very rarely willing to sit on stories at the request of the government, but there are a handful of exceptions. One is when it’s a matter of national security, in this case the story interfering with Mueller’s ability to bring the guilty parties to justice, with the fate of the nation hanging in the balance. Would a major newspaper consider its Trump-Russia collusion story to rise to the level of national security? Even if not, the other exception can be when a news outlet agrees to hold a story in exchange for an exclusive on a more complete version of the story once things have played out more.

So we’ll see what happens this week. Robert Mueller could be waiting on a grand jury to come in, or a witness to flip, or any number of other events that could cause him to ask the media to hold back for a bit. But this is yet more evidence that Donald Trump’s increasingly crazed behavior isn’t mere happenstance – he knows what’s coming.

Dear Robert Mueller, we know we need to be more patient with your process, but the sooner you can bring this clown down, the better. America needs you to finish this.

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