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DC Lawyer Exposes How Trump is Funneling Foreign Money to Himself Through His Hotel

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DC Lawyer Exposes How Trump is Funneling Foreign Money to Himself Through His Hotel

Further proving that he has more conflicts of interest than any president in history, and that he will continue to build his brand and make himself richer as president, Donald Trump’s Washington D.C. Trump International Hotel is becoming the center of the political world in D.C.

AP News points out, At a circular booth in the middle of the Trump International Hotel’s balcony restaurant, President Donald Trump dined on his steak — well-done, with ketchup — while chatting with British Brexit politician Nigel Farage.

A few days later, major Republican donors Doug Deason and Doug Manchester, in town for the president’s address to Congress, sipped coffee at the hotel with Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif.

After Trump’s speech, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin returned to his Washington residence — the hotel — and strode past the gigantic American flag in the soaring lobby. With his tiny terrier tucked under an arm, Mnuchin stepped into an elevator with reality TV star and hotel guest Dog the Bounty Hunter, who particularly enjoyed the Trump-stamped chocolates in his room.

It’s just another week at the new political capital of the nation’s capital.

Besides the alarming revelation that our president doesn’t even know how to eat steak correctly, the most eye-opening (though not terribly surprising I guess) thing in this report is that Trump is more or less using the hotel to channel money to himself:

“President Trump is in effect inviting people and companies and countries to channel money to him through the hotel,” said Kathleen Clark, a former ethics lawyer for the District of Columbia and a law professor at Washington University in St. Louis.

She said the “pay to play” danger is even greater than it would be if people wanted to donate to a campaign to influence a politician’s thinking. Spending money at a Trump property “is about personally enriching Donald Trump, who happens to be the president of the United States.”

While the White House and Trump deny there’s any conflict here, it’s not even really up for debate.  Trump makes money on this business, and he’s using his position as President to steer business to the hotel. It’s really that simple.

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