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Dems Issue Ultimatum to Trump: “No Tax Reform Until We See Your Taxes”

Six weeks in a row, Congressional Democrats have tried to get President Trump to release his tax returns.  Their latest attempt includes threatening to delay any tax reform legislation until he does so. Why? Because America deserves to know whether or not the tax reform plan Trump puts forward will provide him with more personal gain.

Trump claims that tax reform is the next agenda item his administration will take on. If it’s anything like the last big agenda item, repealing and replacing Obamacare, it will be an utter disaster for the administration.

According to The Hill, Jeffries has introduced a bill that “would direct the House to delay consideration of tax-reform legislation until after lawmakers review Trump’s tax returns and determine how the president could benefit from tax-code changes.”

New York Democratic Rep. Hakeem Jeffries is trying to ensure that the president can’t restructure the nation’s tax code until he makes his own tax returns public.

We could not agree with this effort more. America deserves to know what is buried in Trump’s taxes.

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