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DOJ Insider Reveals Robert Mueller’s Criminal Charges He’s Set to Bring

While Robert Mueller has been working under the radar for the last few weeks, he’s been very busy. His subpoenas, FBI raids, and impending indictments have shown a clear path he’s on. On top of that, a Department of Justice insider just revealed the specific charges awaiting Trump and his friends.

Jimmy Gurule, an Assistant Attorney General in the Bush administration, appeared on the Brian Williams show and laid out the various criminal charges we can all expect Mueller to be bringing in the Trump-Russia case.

The list includes obstruction of justice, violations of Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, as well as the Federal Election Campaign Act, and the Foreign Agents Registration Act. They could possibly face charges related to tax laws and money laundering.

Manafort and Flynn are both on the hook for violating the Foreign Agents Registration Act and clearly someone conspired with Russia on the hacking, so there’s the Federal Election Campaign Act violation. The only remaining question is how many of these did Trump participate in?

Mueller can’t put Trump on trial, but Congress can. Mueller just has to ask a grand jury to list Trump as an unindicted co-conspirator. Ultimately, Congress will have to follow through to put an end to Trump, and then once he’s out of office he can be tried in a court of law.

Harvard Law Professor recently tweeted, “When the indictments start rolling out, I predict an avalanche. For Trump to escape being an unindicted co-conspirator would be miraculous.”

The Watergate scandal led to a grand jury naming the then-president Richard Nixon as an unindicted, co-conspirator, which was very clever as to not indict a sitting president (which is a legal grey area), while at the same time telling congress he was guilty. This is key, because it provides a legal precedent for the same thing to happen to Donald Trump.

There is some belief that the President can not pardon his own co-conspirators, so this gives Mueller a lot of room to make some pretty serious charges. It will be Trump’s own men who end up bringing him down in the end. The cover-ups are always sloppier than the crimes themselves.

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