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Donald and Eric Trump Accused of Fraud and Embezzlement, NY AG Confirms

In the least surprising news you’ll hear this week, the President and his son Eric are facing new criticism for fraud and embezzlement.  These people have been in power for 5 months and are already, without question, the most corrupt administration in history.

You’ve probably heard by now that the Trumps used the Eric Trump Foundation for personal benefit, which is highly illegal.  What’s even more despicable about their nefarious activity is that the funds they’ve diverted from the charity to their personal gain were to be used for children with cancer at St. Jude Hospital. According to a Forbes report, nearly $1 million was funneled from the charity by the Trumps.

The New York Attorney General, however, isn’t going to let it go so easily. NYAG Eric Schneiderman told Grant Stern in an interview:

“Donald Trump and Eric Trump took money that was promised to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and paid it to The Trump Organization. That was a fraud.”

“Donald Trump and Eric Trump took money from charities that they controlled and purchased paintings and luxury goods for themselves. Eric Trump hung a valuable painting that was donated to The Eric Trump Foundation in his living room. Donations to The Eric Trump Foundation were for children with cancer, not for one of the rich children of a billionaire.”

Donald Trump cannot be indicted while President, though his chances of impeachment seem to escalate by the day. Eric, however, absolutely can be indicted on a state-level.

The children of St. Jude are the ones who got scammed by this Trump con, but you can donate directly to them without any dodgy middlemen right here.

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