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Donald J. Trump Finally Publicly Admits He’s a Complete Failure

Other than trying to undo Obama’s legacy piece by piece, Trump has accomplished very little in his time as president, which is quite stunning given Trump has a Republican-controlled Congress on his side.

Most presidents usually accomplish at least a few things in their first year, but not Trump. He has failed at every turn, but guess what…it’s not his fault, of course, according to him. Trump is finally addressing the lack of accomplishments with a very Trump-like explanation.

Trump is trying to blame Democrats for his lack of progress, but apparently Trump has forgotten that little fact about the Republican party having majority control.

Nevertheless, he’s blaming the Dems for “obstruction” and a handful of Republicans for only voting with him some of the time and not all the time. It’s like they need a leader or something to help bring them together to work towards progress…who would have thought!

New York Times reports:

President Trump convened his cabinet on Monday in the hopes of kick-starting his stalled domestic policy agenda and complained that Democrats in Congress are obstructing his efforts on tax reform, health care and the confirmation of judicial nominees.

“The Democrats have terrible policy,” Mr. Trump told reporters, flanked by Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson and Jim Mattis, the secretary of defense. “They are very good at, really, obstruction.”

He also lashed out — without naming them — at “some Republicans” in the Senate, members he accused of refusing to go along with their party. He appeared to be talking about failed votes to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

“There are some Republicans, frankly, that should be ashamed of themselves,” Mr. Trump said, adding that most of the senators are “really, really great people” but saying that “you had a few people that really disappointed us.”

Trump also said during the meeting, “We are not getting the job done and I’m not going to blame myself, I’ll be honest.”

However, you can bet your last dollar that had Trump actually accomplishing something he would be taking ALL the credit. Trump wants any credit that exists and none of the blame when things go wrong.

Trump is now admitting he’s not been able to make any progress.

Wait, didn’t he also recently tweet about how he’s accomplished more than any other president in modern history?

Trump just says whatever comes into his brain at the moment which is his exact MO and a big part of his problem. I bet that’s not his fault either.

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