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Donald J. Trump Gets Hit with the Subpoena Hammer

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is wrapping up his investigation into the Trump-Russia scandal and House Democrats are now preparing to investigate all of the Trump scandals themselves. There are also several multiple state-level investigations going on. One of these investigations has now gone full throttle and things do not look good for Trump.

A judge has already ruled that the Attorney General of Maryland and the Attorney General of Washington D.C. could move forward with their Emoluments case, and now they are passing out subpoenas left and right. A list of the subpoenas was just posted to the court’s website and it is rather lengthy.

The Emoluments case is a civil suit, but the point of it is to force Trump’s co-conspirators or witnesses into testifying about him under oath. If they tell the truth, there could be grounds for a criminal case against Trump, the Trump family or even the Trump Organization.

The subpoenas have gone out to business entities that are caught up in the case and to officials in the Treasury Department of General Services Administration. There are going to be several people that will gladly surrender intel on Trump to save themselves. The investigations are hitting Trump from all sides. He has to know his time is almost up.

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