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Donald Trump’s Name Is Listed in a Criminal Indictment

There’s been a lot of paperwork filed in recent weeks in regards to the Trump-Russia investigation. While waiting for a new development after a delay filed by Mueller, Jerome Corsi announced that he was going to be indicted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Then he said he was going to work with Mueller on a plea deal, only to later announce he would not sign it.

After this back and forth, he released a copy of his own indictment, which was surprising because no one seemed to know that had been filed. This has caused Donald Trump’s legal team much distress as Trump’s name is mentioned in the indictment.

Robert Mueller gave Jerome Corsi a draft copy of his indictment before it was filed, so Corsi gave it to Donald Trump’s legal team. The Washington Post is reporting that two weeks ago, after they received it, Trump’s legal team “lodged a complaint with the Justice Department about the inclusion of Trump’s name in the draft filing.”

“Rudolph W. Giuliani, an attorney for Trump, said the president does not recall ever speaking to either Stone or Corsi about WikiLeaks. He said the president’s legal team obtained a copy of the Corsi document earlier this month and lodged a complaint with the Justice Department about the inclusion of Trump’s name in the draft filing. The episode delayed the delivery of Trump’s written responses to questions posed by the special counsel.”

Of course Donald Trump and his lawyers don’t like the fact that his name is mentioned in a criminal indictment with Jerome Corsi. However, Jerome Corsi has since released the secret document despite his allegiance to Trump.

It appears no one is thinking clearly at this point. These people have made mistake after mistake and despite their desire to protect each other, they continue to cause each other more problems. Corsi could have cooperated to avoid jail time, but instead he refused?

Trump was mad about his name being in something that Corsi then released to the public, yet they are supposed to be on the same team? This is the strangest turn of events yet, but it gives us a clear glimpse into the chaos that is Trump’s team.

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