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Editor reveals publicly there’s more incriminating stories on Trump

According to Jerry George, who spent over 25 years working for National Enquirer and its publisher American Media Inc., the tabloid has many unpublished stories on President Donald Trump and his family that would be damaging to his already tattered reputation.

MSNBC’s Ari Melber interviewed George on Monday: “Effectively, you know, David Pecker sold his editorial soul for access to Trump world,” George explained. “And in doing so, he got closer to, you know, the real power of the campaign.”

“Do you have reason to believe Mr. Pecker knew other incriminating things about Trump that have not come out?” Melber asked. “Yes, certainly,” he replied. “Do you know what any of them are?” Melber asked.

“I know some of them and there are stories involving, of course, the Trump-Kushner family, there are stories of, you know, sibling rivalry with the children, back-biting, discord with his wife,” he explained.

“Would you describe them — because obviously we’re talking about things that haven’t come out and we haven’t verified them — but would you characterize them as merely embarrassing, if you will, or do any of them rise to the level of being potentially criminal?” Melber asked.

“Well, actually both,” George replied. “They’re certainly embarrassing and then when you get involved with the actions of his children, including his daughter and son-in-law, we’re getting closer to criminal activity.”

You can watch the exchange below.

It’s somehow both hard to believe that there could be any more damaging Trump stories we haven’t heard, but at the same time not hard to believe that there could be any more damaging Trump stories we haven’t heard.  Everything we hear about this man’s past is believable. Everything.

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