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Even Mike Pence Knows How Badly Trump Screwed up North Korea Deal, Scrambles to Get Story Straight

As additional details have been revealed in regards to the deal struck between Donald Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, it’s become pretty evident that all the concessions made were made by Trump, not Kim.

It’s still somewhat unclear at this time what those concessions were, which is quite concerning in itself, but it’s primarily due to the fact that neither Trump nor Pence seem to be telling the same story about the deal. Not very comforting, huh, folks?

When Donald Trump came forward, he announced to the media that he had agreed to stop holding joint military exercises with South Korea. Considering these exercises have greatly exerted U.S. influence in the region for quite some time, and they’ve also proven to be particularly vital in terms of demonstrating South Korea’s sovereignty and the willingness of the U.S. to actively defend it against potential aggressors, including the likes of China, you can imagine this registered as a pretty big deal to most.

Therefore, with all kinds of alarms set off all over the world, naturally, this prompted Mike Pence to try to step in to do a little damage control. Unfortunately, shortly thereafter is when GOP Senator Cory Gardner swooped in with announcement of his own, informing the public that Pence had informed him that the military exercises would continue.

Politico points out: Vice President Mike Pence told Senate Republicans Tuesday that some training exchanges and readiness training with South Korea will continue, according to Sen. Cory Gardner (R-Colo.). Gardner told reporters that Pence and the administration will continue “to clarify what the president had talked about” but said that “exercises will continue with South Korea.”

Ummm. Say What? Isn’t that the opposite of what Trump claimed?

Apparently, Pence’s office noticed that and decided it was necessary to release a statement, denying he had said anything that would contradict the President, claiming that only “regular readiness training and training exchanges” will continue with South Korea, and not joint military exercises.

Regardless of which version of the deal’s story is being told (or having to be clarified), you have to admit this isn’t a good look for Donald Trump or Mike Pence, especially considering all the Republican chest-pounding that’s been going on over the sheer notion of a meeting with Kim Jong Un. What a disaster this has turned out to be so far.

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