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3 Things Everyone is Missing About Trump’s Syria Attack

It’s long been known that the majority of Donald Trump’s policy making is based on his viewing of cable news, mostly Fox News.  This was bad enough when it was related to immigration and healthcare, but now the US is launching missile attacks on foreign states based in part on the President’s TV viewing habits.

Last Thursday night, Donald Trump ordered a missile attack on a Syrian military base, in response to the horrific chemical attacks by the Syrian military on their own people.  Trump had previously been dead set against intervening in the Syrian crisis, but apparently changed his tune after seeing disturbing images of Syrian civilians and children on cable news.

This would be noble and admirable in a leader if a) Trump had not actively worked on a massive plan to keep Syrian refugees out of the United States before he bombed them, and b) he had not Tweeted this about Barack Obama in 2012:
Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 7.43.39 AM

or these, in 2013:

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 8.38.14 AM

Notice the dates on those Tweets?

Let’s dissect these Tweets a little in the light of last night’s attacks.

First, Trump’s current approval rating is somewhere around 35%, among the lowest in our nation’s history. Could it be that he is now desperate to boost his ratings (or distract from the ongoing Russian investigations)?

Second, we still run the risk of more debt and long-term conflict from these military actions. Nothing has changed there. There have been bigger and worse attacks by the Assad regime in Syria, so why the sudden change of heart over this one?

Third, and perhaps most ironically, Trump did not get Congressional approval for these strikes, something he criticized Obama for, even though Obama tried and failed to get it.

That’s right, if you’ll recall, Congressional Republicans slammed Obama and blocked such a strike when he asked for their approval.  Now, Trump DOESN’T seek that same approval, and the same Republicans are praising him for his strong leadership?

Yes, Assad is a horrible, evil dictator and should be removed from power.  But, that shouldn’t be done by the US for reasons like a) the president saw some dead children on Fox News, and b) he needs to boost his approval ratings.

We must not allow Donald Trump to bomb his way to popularity.  Share if you agree.

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