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Everyone is Missing Likely Reason Bob Corker Has Flipped on Trump

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Everyone is Missing Likely Reason Bob Corker Has Flipped on Trump

Republican Senator Bob Corker is retiring in a year and the freedom from a reelection bid has launched him into full attack mode on Donald Trump.

Corker once lived in Trump’s back pocket and now he’s being very vocal about just how unfit Trump is for office. While his impending retirement may be fueling him, what caused him to switch sides so abruptly? We just might know.

As Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Corker has a higher security clearance than most Senators, therefore he knows classified secrets that even members of his own committee may not know.

We all know Trump’s biggest scandal is tied to the Russian government and foreign relations just happens to be what Corker’s committee is all about.

Senator Corker knows all the details of the ongoing investigation and he knows just how bad it’s all going to be when it hits the fan. Corker is now publicly distancing himself as far away from Trump as possible, and we can’t blame him.

Corker has been in politics so long everything he does is very strategic, so you can bet Corker knows just how bad this is going to get, which just might explain his sudden decision to clearly not want to be associated with Trump.

Bill Palmer points out:

In other words, Bob Corker knows two things in particular: 1) Donald Trump’s crimes and the evidence against him are so damning that there’s no way Trump survives this once it all comes out, and 2) It’s not going to be that much longer before the investigation is in a position where these things can in fact become public, or else Corker would have waited to speak up until it was close enough for his voice to matter. Ousting a U.S. President is a marathon – but we’ve just reached another mile marker.

That’s very telling of where the investigation into Trump’s foreign affairs currently sits and perhaps how close it is to blowing up.

This is yet another hurdle in the road to getting Trump out of the White House and we all know that couldn’t come soon enough.

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