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FBI Appeared to Be Making Fun of Trump, Oddly Timed Public Announcements

Donald Trump and the FBI have not had a pleasant relationship during Trump’s time in the White House. The FBI’s ongoing investigation into Trump’s campaign activity and the Russian investigation have left tensions very high.

When Trump was overseas meeting with Russian President Putin, the Feds arrested Russian political operative Maria Butina who has deep connections to his campaign. To add insult to injury the FBI appeared to be trolling Trump on twitter.

The FBI account on Twitter posts about notable criminal cases from the past from time to time. This week they posted a multi-part Twitter thread that focused on Russia and espionage. They started with “In 1950 British agents arrested Soviet spy Klaus Fuchs after FBI agents helped make counterintelligence use of telegrams decrypted & decoded by Army experts. The work, later code named Venona, was key to advancing FBI counterintelligence program.”

Innocent enough, but then they tweeted “In 1951, 4 subjects – Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, David Greenglass and Morton Sobell – were each convicted of conspiracy to commit espionage in what was dubbed at the time as the ‘Trial of the Century.’”

The FBI is posting about Russian spies getting busted on the same week they arrested Butina on charges for her role in Russia’s hack of the U.S election.

If this was any other account, no one would hesitate to say they were trolling Trump. Could this be a coincidence? You be the judge, but from the replies from the public, everyone has taken notice.

Perhaps the FBI is trying to send Trump a message or maybe it’s nothing. Either way, we will be watching the FBI twitter account to see what message they send out next.

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