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FEC Report Shows Trump Funneling Re-election Funds Into His Businesses

Stop me if you’ve heard this story before: An (allegedly – we’re not sure because he won’t release his tax returns) incredibly wealthy man runs for president of the United States, but has no accountability in mixing campaign funds with his business interests.  You remember that in the 2016 election?

Well, it’s only 3 months into that (allegedly) incredibly wealthy man’s presidency and he’s already using campaign funds for a 2020 reelection bid for his businesses. I mean, why not right? He may not even make it long enough to get re-elected, so perhaps he’s spending the money while he can.

Huffington Post Explains:

The president’s 2020 campaign has already spent close to $500,000 on Trump’s  businesses, from golf resorts to Trump Tower rent, according to new campaign finance filings.

In the first quarter of this year, according to the latest reports filed Friday with the Federal Election Commission, Trump has spent $6.3 million in re-election funds. Among the nearly half-a-million dollars paid to Trump operations, $274,000 went for rent at Trump Tower in Manhattan, where the re-election operation is headquartered, according to a tally of the reported figures by The Wall Street Journal. An additional $59,000 was spent on stays at the Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach, Florida, and $14,000 went for food and rent at the Trump International Hotel in Las Vegas.[…]

Trump’s re-election fundraising is already the target of a complaint by Common Cause and the Campaign Legal Center. The complaint, filed with the FEC, accuses the campaign of improperly encouraging donors to contribute the maximum allowed by law twice, once to retire old campaign debt (which doesn’t exist, according to the watchdog organizations) and then again for the 2020 race.

As if campaigning to get this job for 4 years to make himself richer isn’t bad enough, this guy’s going to try and milk the American tax dollar for 8.  On the slim chance he actually makes it past his first year, are the rapidly dwindling Trump supporters going to see the light and realize this con man took them for a ride?

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