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Federal Judge Blindsides Trump-Cohen with Ruling During Trump’s Summit Disasters

Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un are putting on quite a show. Trump is just hoping that this summit in Singapore will distract everyone from his scandals which are continuing to tear down him presidency.

Trump can’t afford to have scandals blowing up just as his stunt with Kim Jong Un is happening, but a federal judge doesn’t seem to care.

The special master in the Trump-Cohen case ruled that the vast majority of all evidence seized by the FBI from Cohen’s office and residence are in fact admissible in court. Trump’s lawyers immediately tried to argue that they could object to the evidence, but offered no explanation as to why they object.  Naturally, the federal judge was not having it and ruled that if they want to file an objection then they have to do it public.

Below is a copy of the ruling from Judge Kimba M. Wood…

The New York Times reports: “Striking a note for transparency, a federal judge ruled on Friday that President Trump and his longtime personal lawyer, Michael D. Cohen, cannot proceed in total secrecy as they weigh in on the final stages of a laborious review of a huge trove of materials seized from Mr. Cohen during a series of raids by the authorities in April.[…]

The battle over the materials — a vast cache of Mr. Cohen’s papers, data files from several of his iPads, cellphones and computer drives, and even the contents of one of his shredders — could determine how much and what kinds of evidence the government has at its disposal as it pursues its investigation.”

This ruling means that Trump’s lawyers have to choose whether or not to go forward with their objections while Trump is on the other side of the world. So not only does Trump have to deal with this breaking news, but he has to deal with it at a time where he is trying to carefully craft some type of positive spin out of his disastrous meetings at the G7 Summit, then with Kim Jong Un.

Not to mention, Trump’s narcissism will not allow him to avoid distraction by this news, which comes at a very crucial time for his presidency with the meeting of world leaders.

Federal prosecutors are about to have acess to records of communication between Cohen and Trump and it’s been very evident neither Trump or Cohen want that to happen. They are fighting it every step of the way. The Feds could be about about to indict Michael Cohen any second, which would be a disaster for Trump, as Cohen is expected to flip to save himself.

The “great week” Trump is trying to sell to the public just came to a crashing halt.

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