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Game-Changing Details Found on Trump Server Connection to Russia

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Game-Changing Details Found on Trump Server Connection to Russia

We know that a private server in Trump Tower was communicating with a Russian bank during the election, that the Trump campaign and Russia had meetings about rigging the election, and that Russia was trying to use Facebook to help manipulate voters. That is all well-known at this point.

However, it appears that there’s even more going on with the server scandal than we initially thought, and Jared Kushner was right in the middle of it.

‘Tea Pain’ is a political insider, and has analyzed the data traffic from the Trump Tower server. He focused on the Database Replication which allowed more computers in different locations to store and share the same data.

Changes on one computer gets automatically applied to the others. The data flowing from Trump Tower, Russia’s Alfa Bank, and the DeVos’s Spectrum Health prove that Database Replication was in play. The data logs prove Tea Pain’s theories in a stunning fashion.

The analysis is technical and lengthy, but its worth a read because its a crucial component to uncovering the intricate system of the Trump-Russia scandal. The FBI has been investigating it for awhile now and this explains why. You can read the entire analysis here.

So what does the data traffic patterns suggest?

Check out the chart below: Kushner’s “Stealth Data Machine.”

Tea Pain summarized his findings in one stunning conclusion:

“Tea Pain’s working theory is that Russia created a voter targeting database with information gleaned from hacked DNC data rolls and other data rolls ‘acquired’ from other states to feed this growing contact database. That database originated at Russian Intelligence which was in turn replicated to Russia’s Alfa Bank. This is where the ‘data laundering’ takes place, Alfa Bank is the pivot point where the FSB’s data fingerprints are wiped clean.”

Tea Pain points out:

“The “beauty” of this system is its simplicity.  Here’s some bullet-points to sum up.

  1. No special software needed. SQL Server is used in most every major enterprise.  Replication is a built-in tool.  No mysterious hidden processes, viruses, malware, etc.
  2. Virtually undetectable. No one would blink an eye at data replication, a standard business practice.
  3. Could all be set up remotely with only VPN credentials and remote desktop access, information that is often shared via routine third-party data audits. No one inside Trump Tower or Spectrum’s IT department need be involved. One Russian Intelligence data operative could set this up in less than an hour at each location.  No low-level “conspirators” needed.
  4. Value could be added to the data anywhere in the chain and it would promote back to Russian Intelligence within 2-3 hours.
  5. All data-transmission would be out in the open, mixed in with the daily flow of business.
  6. Even if found, the data would look benign, just names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, social media handles, etc. No financial information. It would look just like a contact lead database purchased from any data-mining merchant.
  7. Trump/Spectrum operatives and employees in the United States could interact with this list and have no clue the origins of the data were nefarious.  This plain-sight approach was the key to its success.

You can read his entire analysis here. It’s very technical but thorough. It’s no wonder the FBI is investigating the Trump Tower server and Jared Kushner’s ties to the campaign.

The dots keep getting connected and Trump keeps getting one step closer to the door.

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