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GM Employee Destroys Trump for Broken Promises in Live Interview

With the announcement that General Motors would be laying off hundreds of American workers in shutting down 5 major manufacturing plants, many in the industry, especially on the blue-collar side of things, are starting to finally see the light in how they were conned by Donald Trump, who has no intention or ability to strengthen their industry.

Despite Trump’s threat to stop subsidies to the industry, and his claims that the industry is stronger because of his presidency, the criticisms are coming hard and fast:

“The previous administration, they said, manufacturing’s never coming back, it’s gone! You’d need a magic wand,” Trump said during a rally in Mississippi on Monday.

“Well, we found the magic wand, and that’s actually — that’s actually going to be increasing by a lot in the next short while, because we have a lot of companies moving in,” Trump told supporters.

A retired GM worker appeared on CNN this week and took issue with Trump’s claim that he had found a “magic wand” to save manufacturing in the US.

“Our jobs need to stay here,” she said. CNN’s Poppy Harlow noted that the GM worker was a Republican who had voted for Trump.

“It’s not Republican or Democrat. It’s getting these people back to work,” she said.

Harlow asked the worker, “You voted for President Trump. Did he find the magic wand for these manufacturing jobs or do you find that comment offensive?”

“I find it offensive,” the woman said. “We are the magic wand. We are the people that kept GM here all that time. We are a caring community. We are a good work force. I felt we kept GM here, more than any President.”

Trump’s never going to accept responsibility for the way his tariffs are killing American manufacturing jobs. In fact, just the opposite is true: He will dig in with his claims that he is making them stronger, despite all the evidence to the contrary.

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