Former GOP Aide Just DESTROYED Trump on LIVE TV…Anderson Was Stunned!

Blogger and former Scott Walker aide Liz Mair went on CNN to talk to Anderson Cooper about the current state of the GOP and ended up calling out Donald Trump in magnificent fashion.

When asked by Cooper if she thought Trump could be “reigned in” by the GOP and molded into a more traditional Republican candidate, Mair responded that it was “amazing that anyone is still having a  discussion about an intervention and bringing him back on message” and that Trump will continue to act like he is “on a suicide mission…aiming to take the whole rest of the party down with him.”

Check out what Liz Mair had to say below…

It’s nice to hear a conservative blogger with ties to a prominent Republican politician say about Trump what a lot of us have thought since he started his campaign.

If only more republicans would see the truth about Trump, that he really is a loudmouthed dick, a blowhard, an ignorant, racist, sexist, homophobic bully who is going to drive the nails into the coffin of their already dying party.

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