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GOP Caught Breaking Exact Same Federal Law They Claim Hillary Broke

In what is most likely an attempt to create yet another completely-out-of-thin-air scandal to hurt Hillary Clinton to take the focus off of Donald Trump’s massive campaign hemorrhaging, it appears that House Republicans have leaked information about Clinton’s interviews with the FBI regarding her own handling of classified information.

This is, ironically, completely illegal.  Clinton campaign chair John Podesta and communications director Jennifer Palmieri both tweeted today that they were hearing from multiple sources that Republicans were leaking classified information to reporters.

Politicususa reports, “Everyone knew that House Republicans were going to leak the classified information. The FBI was so sure that House Republicans were going to leak the information that they sent a warning along with the notes from Clinton’s interview that the information was classified.”

“The whole point behind the Republican desire to get the material was to try to drum up a new scandal that will take the focus off of Donald Trump and his imploding presidential campaign. House Republicans have been using the edited leak strategy to put out bits of misleading and out of context information since they took back the House majority.”

Republicans are so desperate to create more scandals involving Hillary Clinton that they may have just created one for themselves. Their hypocrisy apparently knows no bounds.

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