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GOP Operative Admits to Russian Collusion, Then Suspicious Suicide Note Is Found

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GOP Operative Admits to Russian Collusion, Then Suspicious Suicide Note Is Found

Republicans love to accuse the Clintons of leaving a trail of suspicious deaths in their wake, not so subtly suggesting that they have anyone in their way killed.  Now, the shoe is on the other foot as it looks an awful lot like the suicide death of Peter W. Smith has lots of mystery surrounding it.

If you’ll recall, Peter W. Smith confessed to the Wall Street Journal that he had attempted to collude with the Donald Trump campaign and Russia. That story broke on May 4th of this year. Smith was, of course, a Republican political operative that was working to rig the election against Hillary Clinton.

The Journal reported emails written by Smith showing his team considered retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, then a top adviser to Republican Donald Trump’s campaign, an ally.

Ten days later, on May 14th, Smith died, and we have now learned his death was a suicide. Based on the note he supposedly left behind, it appears to have been suspicious in nature.

The Palmer Report explains:
The official government report on Peter W. Smith’s death has finally become public record, and the Chicago Tribune (link) is confirming that it’s officially been classified as a suicide. The eighty-one year old Smith is said to have taken his own life in an Illinois hotel room and left behind a note in which he insisted that there was no “foul play” involved. The note may have insisted too thoroughly.

Smith’s supposed suicide note said that there was “NO FOUL PLAY WHATSOEVER” in all caps, instead listing his failing health and an expiring life insurance policy as his reasons. But this stands out as suspicious. Most (not all) life insurance policies are voided in the case of suicide, and there is also the question of why someone his age would have an expiring life insurance policy. Palmer Report will seek to obtain a copy of Smith’s life insurance policy in question, but that may not come easy. In the mean time, this sends shockwaves through the already exploding Trump-Russia collusion scandal.

Palmer Report has reported extensively on the prominent Russians who have suspiciously died since the Trump-Russia scandal began, at least some of whom were almost certainly murdered by Vladimir Putin to try to keep the scandal quiet. But Putin has no known history of murdering Americans, so it would be a major break from pattern if Putin and Russia were involved in Smith’s death. There is obviously more to this story, and we’ll keep digging.

Did Smith get too close to Putin’s operations?

Has Putin gone far enough now that he would have Americans murdered, in America?

The closer Donald Trump takes us to becoming a Russian state, the more likely those kind of scenarios become.

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