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GOP Unveils Plan To Keep House Floor Business Completely Secret

Republicans are gearing up for a moment they’ve been waiting for for years, when they get to screw millions of American citizens out of their healthcare by gutting Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act.

They don’t want you to see the Democrats response though, so they’re going to ban video recording of the proceedings, effectively destroying any semblance of the first amendment as it relates to Congress.

According to a Dailykos report:
House members could be fined and referred to the Ethics Committee if they break rules governing electronic video and pictures in the House chamber under a new rule proposed by House Republicans more than six months after the Democrats’ guerrilla sit-in over gun control.

“Any subsequent offense will be assessed at the higher amount, regardless of whether it is connected to any other offense by time or proximity,” part of the proposal reads.

The “fine” would be $500 for the “first offense” of photographing or videotaping, with $2500 for every “subsequent offense,” according to the proposed Rule. 

In addition, the new Republican rule would ban anyone from seeing organized protests by the opposition, because sit-ins in the House well will be banned as well. Lawmakers cannot block the well of the House as Democrats did with their sit-in in June, when they called for votes on bills strengthening background checks and barring firearms sales to people on the government’s no-fly list. The sit-in, which lasted over 24 hours, unfolded less than two weeks after the massacre at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando.

House Democrats have responded, defiantly in some cases:


It’s pretty telling that Republicans know that what they’re about to do is so despicable that they have to take such measures to ensure the public won’t see them do it.

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