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Here Are 4 Massive Lies Being Pushed About Robert Mueller to Discredit Him

Donald Trump has never believed that the laws of the country apply to him as President. If, however, he tried to fire special prosecutor Robert Mueller, who is investigating him for obstruction of justice, he would take that belief to a whole new level. Firing Mueller would be seen as such an admission of guilt, of something to hide, that even Trump couldn’t weasel his way out of it.

Trump and his legal team are trying to frame a narrative in which firing Mueller is justifiable, and in which Trump is the real victim. Slate Magazine has listed them, along with the reasons they are utterly false:

1. There’s No Evidence of Collusion, So They’re Making Up an Obstruction Charge

The president took to Twitter on Thursday morning to make this case:

Sorry, Trump. but we don’t know if there’s any proof of collusion! And we won’t know until the investigators are allowed to do their work. We don’t know, because the FBI investigation into this issue is ongoing, these things take time, and even if there was already proof investigators wouldn’t be able to tell us.

Not to mention,  Trump has already confessed that he’s tried to block the investigation with the concrete step of firing FBI Director James Comey, who produced evidence that this is precisely what Trump was trying to do. Hence the obstruction of justice.

2. Robert Mueller Is a Deep State Agent Bent on Destroying Donald Trump

Newt Gingrich was one of the first people to suggest that Mueller had to go. He reiterated that case on Thursday on Twitter, arguing that Mueller’s investigation is part of a “deep state” plot to undermine and maybe destroy the president:

So, I guess this argument goes that because the former FBI director was for years the country’s top law enforcement agent, he is part of some dark behind-the-scenes force pulling the strings to do bad stuff to the country. So now he’s come out of government retirement to frame the president for obstruction of justice in order to do the bad thing of harming the Trump presidency, because that’s how Robert Mueller gets his kicks.

Yeah, right. What a joke, Newt

3. Robert Mueller’s Investigation Is Sprawling Out of Control

This is another argument made by Gingrich, apparently based on the last line in the latest New York Times report on the Mueller intrigue: “A former senior official said Mr. Mueller’s investigation was looking at money laundering by Trump associates.”

This apparently prompted Gingrich to tweet:

Gingrich, remember, is the former speaker of the House who spearheaded an impeachment campaign of a sitting president for allegedly lying under oath and obstructing justice to try to cover up oral sex. That “dragnet of obstruction” stemmed from a special prosecutor investigation that was originally focused on a land deal called Whitewater where no wrongdoing was ever ultimately found. Again, it still led to the impeachment of a president by Gingrich’s Congress.

4. Robert Mueller Is a Very Bad Man

Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, was laying the groundwork for this case in an interview on Fox Business channel as early as Tuesday morning. “Get rid of Mueller!” Gohmert said. “He is dirty. He created all kinds of problems.”

On Thursday, Trump echoed these sentiments:

Gohmert’s reasoning for the argument that Mueller is “dirty”—a serious charge that maybe should lead to an investigation of some of his old casework when he was FBI director—is that Comey and Mueller worked together under Bush when the former was the Republican president’s deputy attorney general.

“Comey created an opportunity by leaking and possibly committing a crime by colluding with others in the Department of Justice, and Mueller was his good friend,” Gohmert said. “I had no idea how dirty this mess was involving Comey and Mueller over the years.”

There is no evidence that Comey committed any crime, and I have no idea what “colluding with others in the Department of Justice” could possibly mean. Again, though, if Comey and Mueller are working together to frame the most powerful man in the country—in the case of Comey, taking the step of pre-emptively cooking up false contemporaneous notes of meetings with the president to make him look guilty—who knows what else they are capable of? Maybe Trump’s DOJ should put them away for a long time if they’re doing all this. Since I don’t see Gohmert or Gingrich advocating for that, they don’t seem to have the courage of their convictions.

Of course, the alternative is that Mueller has been one of the most respected—on both sides of the aisle—Republican-appointed law enforcement officers in the country and he’s just doing his job wherever the facts lead. Or in the words just 30 days ago of one of Mueller’s fiercest critics:

If Gingrich had any honesty or integrity whatsoever, he would heed his own advice.

What is Newt hiding? Is he also connected to this Russia scandal? He’s so defensive of Trump, it makes you wonder how deep he goes into this mess too.

These people cannot be trusted. Trump is guilty as hell, and the investigation must continue until it is proven legally.

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