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House Dem lets Trump know to buckle up for money laundering evidence

With each passing day the last couple weeks, it seems Special Counsel Robert Mueller and the feds are finally drawing nearer to the day that could end it all for Donald Trump. As it turns out, all they’ve had to do from day one is follow the forever long and winding money trail in his books.

That in itself already looks and sounds bad enough, but based on recent news, the money trail is far worse than ever expected, which may prove to be far more disastrous for Trump.

House Democrats have also gotten in on the money trail action, except the money trail they’ve been following is said to have come from the outside. According to Democratic Congresswoman Jackie Speier, who sits on the House Intelligence Committee, once the Democrats take control of the committee in early January, with Adam Schiff as the new Chairman, they’re going to pursue Donald Trump’s alleged money laundering around the world.

In a Twitter post, Speier cited three hotspots in particular: Trump Soho in Manhattan, something in Toronto, and something in Panama.

This is interesting considering Trump Soho was the shady real estate project which saw the Trump Organization partnering with convicted Russian mafia money launderer, Felix Sater. Allegedly, that deal was believed to have been negotiated by Donald Trump Jr. and Ivanka Trump.

Also, the Panama investigation she references in her post raises an eyebrow, as it most likely involves the Panama Papers, or perhaps Trump’s bitter dispute with the owners of a Trump branded property in the country.

However, Toronto is the true mystery here, and is definitely something worth keeping an eye on. Based on the rate at which people have sold out Trump and his kids lately, something tells me it won’t be a mystery for much longer.

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