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House Leader tells Trump his Presidency “will soon be over”

Donald Trump path to being removed from the White House (by impeachment, or my resignation) seems to be creeping closer by the day now that Democrats have control of the House and Special Counsel Robert Mueller is breathing down his neck.

Democrats are waiting for Mueller to complete his report, and then they can proceed with the impeachment process. This is not just speculation. More and more Democrats are publicly voicing their concern and plans to impeach Donald Trump (or at least try).

One House leader is already hinting that Trump’s going to be out sooner than we thought. Hakeem Jeffries gave Nancy Pelosi’s nomination speech when she was elected Speaker of the House earlier this month. Jeffries is also the head of the House Democratic Caucus, so he has a firm grasp on what is happening amongst the House Democrats and how they are planning to handle this Trump situation.

Congressman Jeffries tweeted: “Trump called a meeting with Speaker Pelosi and Senator Schumer a waste of time. Actually, many people are saying your presidency is a waste of time. Our long national nightmare will soon be over. Until then House Democrats will continue our fight to lower healthcare costs & increase pay For The People.”

He’s clearly predicting that Trump’s “nightmare” Presidency will soon be over. It will probably not be as soon as most of us would hope for, but it does mean that it will likely happen eventually. House Democrats are clearly ready to hit the ground running and they have the full support of Americans. We can only hope Jeffries is right.

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