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If impeachment doesn’t get Trump first, his re-election hopes just received more bad news

Turn out, nearly two-thirds of registered voters now say that they will definitely vote against Donald Trump in 2020 (if he makes it that far, of course). Furthermore, the voters say they will even support a candidate running against him, a poll released Thursday shows.

57% percent of those surveyed said they will vote against Trump, with 30% saying they would definitely back Trump, and 13% saying they are unsure, according to a PBS News Hour, NPR and Marist poll.

When you break it down by political party, 69% of Republicans will definitely vote for Trump, compared to 10% who say they will vote against him. 21% say they’re not sure.

91% of Democrats surveyed say they will vote against Trump, 5% percent will vote for him and 5% haven’t decided yet.

62% of voters registered as independents say they’ll oppose Trump, 25% will back him and 13% are undecided.

Lee Miringoff is the director of the Marist Institute for Public Opinion and says that the survey shows Donald Trump has a rough road ahead of him in the 2020 election.

“The president has had his base and not much else,” Miringoff said.

76% of Democrats and independents that lean toward Democrats say they have a favorable impression of former Vice President Joe Biden, followed by Sen. Bernie Sanders with 57% and Sen. Elizabeth Warren at 53%.

29% of Republicans and independents who who lean Republican say they view Sen. Mitt Romney favorably and 24% see former Ohio Gov. John Kasich favorably.

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