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Insider Says Trump/Page/Manafort Are on Tape Offering Deal to Putin For Election Hacking

The stream of information coming out of the intelligence community continues to drip faster by the day, which was just made even more evident by a new report alleging that Donald Trump has been caught on tape offering to craft policies in Putin’s favor in exchange for a deal to rig the election. Three of Donald Trump’s advisors were also allegedly caught on tape in a separate recording discussing the deal.

Carter Page has been a hot topic recently given the accusations and evidence that continues to come to light tying him to Russia, including allegations that he is a Russian spy.  It is believed Carter Page was authorized directly by Donald Trump to request the help of the Russian government in hacking the US election.

Louise Mensch in a political pundit with a history of being very accurate with her reports, particularly when it involves her intelligence community sources. Mensch reports:

Sources with links to the intelligence community say it is believed that Carter Page went to Moscow in early July carrying with him a pre-recorded tape of Donald Trump offering to change American policy if he were to be elected, to make it more favorable to Putin. In exchange, Page was authorized directly by Trump to request the help of the Russian government in hacking the election.

…when Carter Page traveled to Moscow last summer, he took with him a recording of Donald Trump offering to make political concessions to Russia, in exchange for Russia hacking Trump’s election opponents. There is also a separate recording of Page, Paul Manafort, and Boris Epshteyn discussing the plan to send Page to Moscow with the tape of Trump. Between the two tapes, all four of them implicated themselves.

Mensch reported on Heat Street on Nov. 7th that the FBI was granted a FISA warrant to investigate the activities of two Russian banks. One of which was Alfa Bank, which became famous for pinging Trump’s server thousands of times during the election. It was reported that the June FISA warrant failed in court, but named Trump associates Carter Page, Paul Manafort, and Boris Epshteyn in the process.

It is believed that this same FISA warrant has a direct correlation to this new revelation about Trump and his associates being caught on tape discussing a deal for Putin in exchange for election rigging.

Mench’s sources, who are very close to the intelligence community, report that the early FISA application was made because a recording does in fact exist of all three men discussing Carter Page taking the tape of Trump to Moscow as sign of good faith for Putin.

“Multiple foreign intelligence services, among them the UK, Germany and Ukraine, have a tape of this; and that finally, in October, the FBI was able to listen to that tape”, Mensch concludes.

If and when the details of this come out, the existence of such a tape will be considered an act of Russian treason, which won’t be escaped, no matter how hard to GOP tries.

You can read the extensive report from Louise Mensch here.

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