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Intel Sources: Mike Flynn Has Turned on Trump, “He’s Telling The FBI What He Knows”

Intel coming out of the intelligence community indicates that Mike Flynn has turned on Trump and has already given a lengthy interview to the FBI. These same sources also confirm that Flynn has not been offered a deal, yet. However, he is expected to be given a chance to surrender himself when the time is right.

If you will recall, former Clinton White House staffer Claude Taylor exclusively reported just days ago that a sealed indictment against Flynn had been returned by a Grand Jury.

Sources with links to the Justice Department indicate that General Flynn has already been indicted

Louise Mensch reports, “I can further report that Flynn’s indictment is thought to be for his failure to register under FARA, the Foreign Agents’ Registration Act, for his lobbying for Turkey. Reporting by NBC of Grand Jury subpoenas in an investigation for which Flynn is the subject, sources say, cover separate offenses of Mike Flynn’s that are linked to Russia. These are being investigated under prosecutors at the Northern District of Virginia, with an attorney accustomed to handling espionage prosecutions.”

Sources believe that General Mike “Misha” Flynn, to give him the Russian nickname he awarded himself when picked up by British intelligence committing treason in Cambridge, England, panicked when he heard that Special Counsel Robert Mueller had been appointed to head the investigation into Trump’s collusion with Russia.

The sources say Flynn is telling the FBI what he knows, which is very bad news for Donald Trump and anyone connected to the collusion with the Russians.

Louise Mensch and Claude Taylor continue to provide reliable intel on the Trump/Russia scandal, so a high level of confidence can be placed in their reports and sources, so we support their efforts for America whole-heartedly.

You can check out Louise Mensch’s work over at

Claude Taylor is also very active on Twitter with bombshell after bombshell intel:

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