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Irony: Watch Trump’s Immigrant Wife Remind Him to Put His Hand on His Heart for National Anthem

The national Easter Egg Hunt hosted by the Trump’s was, of course, a comedy of errors.  In one incident, a young boy tossed the President his “Make America Great Again” hat for him to autograph. Which he did. Then he threw the hat back into the crowd for someone else to grab.

Another slightly more embarrassing moment for the President came shortly after he gave some tough words about how much progress (?) the Trump administration is making in rolling out their agenda. 

As The Star-Spangled Banner played, both Melania and Barron Trump knew the proper etiquette is to put their hands over their hearts. Apparently, their dear husband and father didn’t get that memo.

Watch Melania nudge Donald to remind him that the national anthem deserves his respect.


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